Where to find free fonts for your presentations?

4 min readJan 8, 2019

Fonts matter! Each of them has own style and voice that can completely change the mood and the overall effectiveness of your presentation (keep an eye for our next article which will explain more). So, now you want to improve and start using some amazing fonts that best represent your topics. But where to find them? We receive this question pretty often, so let us show you!

Most people assume fonts as something that comes by default, but in fact, creating them is a very hardworking design process that requires particular skills. That’s the reason why usually fonts are so expensive. Then again, you’re just getting started on this topic, it will be great if you can try out the magic of the good fonts for free.

That’s why we will now introduce you three top places on the web where you can get an incredible number of fonts for absolutely zero money! Those are fonts what are not preinstalled to your computer!


A true wonderland of fonts! You can get yourself lost among such a vast variety of fonts. The design of the website is pretty simple to use — there is a navigation bar at the top with all the categories. It will display directly if the font contains more than one variety (like bold, italic, etc.).

To see the full preview of a font, click on its name on the red line. After the new page loads, you’ll see the Download button up at the right corner.

Font Squirrel

A very well-organized place with a wide range of font styles! Amazing fonts, which are free of charge and you can also preview them before downloading! You can search fonts by categories in the Find Fonts section on the right side of the webpage.

If you need a font in other specific languages, try to click on Languages in the Font Lists section up on the right. Note that you can add multiple tags and make your search very concentrated!

From the blue label you can directly download the font, but if you click on the displayed font itself, it will lead you to a page where you can see a more detailed preview and some examples how it looks in use. Search for the download button right next to the font name at the top.

Google Fonts

The safety zone! Here all the fonts are free and with excellent quality!

You can search by categories (which you find on the up-right corner). Even more, the fonts are displayed in a charming manner. While hovering above them, you’ll see options where you can change the preview or even type in your text just by clicking above the one you see.

If you want to preview the whole font, just click on See specimen while hovering on it. Of course, you will ask, now how to download? Next to each font, there is a little circle with a plus sign. When you click on it, an additional minimized window will appear. Open it and find the download icon in the up-right corner.

Finally, something amazing that we will share with you, connected to Google Fonts. We always advise you to be simple and don’t use too much text, elements, colors or fonts on one slide. But we also know that sometimes you’d like to combine two different fonts in your presentation. The task, however, is not easy even for the best designers.

Here comes a magical help! Fontpair is a website for combining Google fonts. Choose what kind of combination you want from the line at the top. Each example contains a link to download directly the two fonts from the pair.

Now you don’t have the excuse to use only your predefined computer fonts!
Do you have your favorite website for free fonts? Although, you may have a favorite font from such website? We’ll be happy if you share it with us in the comments below!

Originally published at 356labs.com on January 8, 2019.


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