Using Clipart the right way

By Brad Hawkes, Copywriter at Pickit

1. Choose the right colors and styles

Using consistent clipart styles and colors for your slides is important. If you pick flat design clipart for your first slide, don’t use 3D clipart for your second one. Stick to your template’s color palette, and keep it neat and tasteful.

2. Choose a friendly format

Secondly, make sure you pick the right size and format. If clipart images are too small, upscaling them for a bigger screen may distort them. At the same time, they shouldn’t be so large that they make your presentation file big and heavy to load. Use PNG images with a transparent background for best quality.

3. Choose the right metaphor

Last but not least, make sure you’ve chosen the right metaphor. For example, a chess set might be a nice way to illustrate strategy. A growth graphic, however, may be too generic to make an impression.

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