Undo or Redo in Keynote

3 min readMay 4, 2019

Did you move or deleted something from your slide and want to get it back where it was? Yes, we all sometimes do mistakes in a hurry, or we do something to try it but it turns out that the previous version was so much better… Well, we are here to help you and tell you how to Undo or Redo in Keynote!

Undo the last action:

  • Choose Edit from the Top menu
  • Under the options click on Undo

You can also just press Command-Z on your keyboard. And by the way, you can use Undo unlimited amount of times! Cool, right?

Redo the last action you undid:

  • Click on Edit at the top menu
  • Then choose the Redo function

You can also press Shift-Command-Z on your keyboard.

View, Copy or Restore an Earlier Version of a Keynote Presentation

Every time you save a presentation, Keynote saves it as a new version. As a result, you can browse earlier versions, save a copy of an earlier version, or restore a presentation to an earlier version.

Even more, you can also copy and paste text and objects from an earlier version to the current version.

Here is how to Revert to an older version of your Keynote presentation:

  1. Choose File (from the top menu)
  2. Then click on Revert to
  3. Finally, go to Browse All Versions

The window refreshes to show a thumbnail of your current version on the left and a stack of thumbnails of the previous versions on the right. A vertical timeline appears on the right side of the screen.

To view earlier versions, click either the arrows on the right of the stack of versions or the timeline marks on the right of the screen. Then you can click the thumbnail.

After that, you can choose one of the options below:

  1. Edit the current version by copying something from an earlier version. To do so open the thumbnail on the right with the stack of versions, select what you need, copy it, then click the thumbnail on the left with the current version and paste wherever you want.
  2. Restore a previous version. Select the version you want and click the Restore button. By doing so you are overwriting the current version.
  3. Save a copy of a previous version as a new file. Select the version you want, hold down the Option key on your keyboard, then click Restore. Keynote will open the copy in a new window, where you can edit and save it with a new name. The last version of the original presentation stays in its own window.
  4. Just close this view and return to your presentation. Click done.

Note: If the presentation is shared with others, anyone with editing permission can copy and restore only the versions created after you shared the presentation. Anyone with View Only permission has no access to earlier versions. To prevent others from restoring an unprotected version of the presentation or a version with an older password, stop sharing the presentation, add a unique password to it, then share the presentation again.



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