The SaaS Company that Wants to Change the Maritime Industry

4 min readJul 20, 2020


Abraxa is a software company providing a software-as-a-service solution for port agencies. Their passion for shipping and technology gave birth to a 360-degree business platform for the maritime sector. In a nutshell, they help port agents & teams work smarter and faster through a centralized system that provides a scalable infrastructure for their business.

They organized a huge event in Rotterdam where they invited the thought-leaders in their industry. The founder of the company approached us with the task to build something absolutely unique and mind-blowing!

The goal

The solution Abraxa developed had to be presented to an audience mostly comprised of executives and people in leadership roles. This means that the end goal wasn’t an easy target.

Since a huge part of the shipping industry worldwide is still lagging behind in terms of the technology used to coordinate huge loads of data, logistics, and processes, this opens a scalable opportunity to help port agencies with their workflow and productivity — that’s where Abraxa comes in.

The future of shipping is in digital transformation, just like almost every other industry out there. That’s what Abraxa wanted to present when showcasing their solution in action.

Their goal was more than just attracting interest and potential buyers — they want to change the status quo of the maritime industry and bring it into the 21st century and beyond.

Side note: it’s very rare for someone to approach us and then ask us first thing during the meeting: “Just out of curiosity, how can I cancel the contract in case I am not happy with the result?”

That… was a good start to our meeting as you can imagine! 🙂

The Solution

We wrote the story.

OK, we rewrote it three times. From scratch.

Abraxa wanted to open their presentation with the UK rowing team as an example of leadership, persistence, and a winning state of mind. The team that until recently hadn’t won an award for nearly 100 years.

When the UK rowing team was preparing for one of their recent competitions, they decided that instead of continually repeating the same mistakes, or giving up and admitting that winning is not for them — they decided that they’re going to do something different.

From that moment on, each decision they took was taken with the consideration whether it helps them move forward with their goal.

The main question they had to always answer was…

“Will this make the boat go faster?”

When they had to go to a late-night party…
When they wanted to get a pack of doughnuts…
When they wanted to skip training on a Sunday morning…

Did any of that help the boat go faster? When the answer was “No” — they didn’t do it.

So, for us to tell that incredible story and immerse the audience in it, we went back to look at videos from the UK rowing team during the Sydney Olympics.

The main idea was for us to recreate the moment and the race which led them to the glorious victory they were chasing. It was important to do that extremely well and make the audience experience goosebumps because that story was about to be used as a parallel to the Abraxa’s product, vision, and goal for the whole event.

We also created the slides by sticking to their brand identity, but we also needed to enhance it dramatically for the use case of the presentation.

Every single element in the slideshow was hand-drawn by our creative team. We even created two designs of the presentation, but we ended up sticking with the latter one — the more illustrative one.

The Effects

Our designers went above and beyond to deliver some incredible motion effects across the whole presentation. We used a ton of Morph transitions and Motion Path animations to make all those movements possible and to further support the story.

The flow and constant movement of the waves are the essential touches that immerse the audience into the depth of Abraxa’s solutions for leadership, agility, and good strategy.

Part of Abraxa’s Conference Presentation

The Results

As for the story and the slides —you can clearly see this presentation will be a unique experience. However, due to the recent global events around the Covid-19 outbreak, the live event had to be canceled, so the end results are yet to be seen.




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