The Investor Deck that Helped Konstruktive Raise Prices by Over 20%

3 min readJul 27, 2020


Konstruktive helps you make the right choices in construction investments. They provide real estate intermediation, investment design, project documentation management, and construction site commissioning.

As you can probably imagine, this involves a lot of complex services and methods that need to be presented to the audience in the simplest way.

The Business Case

Konstruktive came to us with a request to help them build an investor deck. They wanted to secure an investment to support the growth of their large number of services.

They deliver a full-blown solution — from finding a land plot through the building architecture project, and last— selling the newly-built apartments.

As you can imagine, this requires a lot of resources to pull off, so this presentation was absolutely critical for landing the investment they needed.

However, as with a lot of companies, we had to start building everything from ground zero. They just didn’t have any content prepared, no starting point.

The Solution

The CEO of the company and one of their main sales & marketing people were working together with our team so we can build the entire story. This is an essential and lengthy process where all the information the brand wants to present is being filtered, defined, and structured into a narrative.

The number of questions we asked, especially related to what makes those types of investors buy, played a huge role in the creative output of our team.

Once we agreed on the message, we want to leave the audience with, we gave the otherwise white slides with black Calibri text to our design crew.

The Design

The PowerPoint presentation our designers developed was a comprehensive, highly visual, yet data-driven experience that aimed to paint the big picture for potential investors. It was important for the final result to be optimized both as a PDF and a PPTX, so the quality doesn’t get compromised. It was important for the presentation to be scalable on any kind of device.

The brand identity of Konstruktive was already defined, which is an immense bonus for the people developing the presentation — our designers. It’s a unique piece of work that allowed us a lot of flexibility and had almost all of the assets and resources we needed for a flawless presentation.

We were 100% sticking to the brand, however for the final result to be truly complete and impactful, we developed our own iconography and visual elements. No compromises were made for the ultimate goal to support the story we were telling.

The Results

The most amazing news came after Konstruktive started using the deck we created for them. The CEO’s exact words were:

The presentation allowed us to increase our overall prices by 20%! The reason? The reaction of the investors that saw it.

The lesson we teach with this post?
Never underestimate the power of a well-built presentation.




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