Paste by WeTransfer: The New Tool for Startups?

Is Paste by WeTransfer the new presentation tool of the startups?

Its goal is for the users to be able to paste whatever they need and it to work seamlessly with a drop of an effort on the user’s end.

Which is achieved by a long list of integrations and embedding possibilities like (our favorite tool for royalty-free photos), (the most famous gif sharing network), (one of the most popular free web-based prototype tool) and shamelessly some of Google’s products like, and many, many more.

However, for me, there are some major things that are missing in terms of creating a better presentation design without having to use software like Adobe Illustrator or Adobe Photoshop.

For example, there aren’t any options for controlling how a photo appears, no cropping or color/contrast adjustment functions. Also, it doesn’t read the vector format .svg, which makes it possible never having a blurry icon on your presentation. Speaking of icons, there is no way that you can put a picture on top of another picture or anywhere else outside of the layout that Paste provides you. So, no naked icons placed in the presentation. We’ve talked a thousand times about that icons make a presentation faster and easier for understanding by the audience. However, I found a solution, the tool supports Emojis, so I’ve copy and pasted some from. This leads me back to the core idea of the tool: it’s all about copy and paste, not about creation.

That is different than any other presentation tool or service out there and it makes SO MUCH SENSE.

For me, the reminder that you need to start with the story first and design second is a major one for the industry and it seems like none of the presentation tools acknowledges it. Having a grid with soon-to-be-slides boxes in front of your eyes, makes you imagine how your thoughts would lay in a storyline. Then, when you get to the first slide, you are, again, first facing a text “Write, paste a link or drop a file…”, which tells you that maybe you need to first know what you want to tell with that slide, not show.

Generally, there is a low chance of you messing up the design.

This makes it great for non-designers that need to prepare a presentation for their team. I would describe it as a bit informal and unprofessional, so I wouldn’t recommend it for big companies and corporations. I think it’s perfect for small companies, teams, and startups with a more digital oriented chill culture.

The tool has a fun collaboration feature:

Reactions. Just like a Facebook post, you can like, dislike, clap, flag or approve a slide from the deck. Also, you can add comments or assign to someone from your team . Collaboration is made easy. You can fix team colors, that would be hard to not take in mind since in the tool you can work only with a set pallet.

I’ve played around with the tool and made a presentation using most of Paper’s functions.

Check out this lovely presentation about how our great HQ city Sofia is!

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