How to work with shapes in Prezi

2 min readMay 4, 2019

In your presentation, you can use shapes for many occasions. You can make different compositions, to use them to place some text or to place the image in it.

Shapes can change the feeling of your presentation.

Now I will tell you the main psychology of the main shapes.

Circle — The circle or ring shape signifies a positive emotional message. It also promotes the sense of community, love, and unity, protection, femininity.

Rectangles/Squares — The square shape elicits stability and balance. It depicts strength, professionalism.

Triangle — The triangle shape conveys mystery and power, energy and aggression

How to add shapes

  1. Go to a place where you want to insert a new shape.
    2. Choose the shape that you need and know that you can change the color later.
    3. Click Insert on the menu above the screen and the sidebar at the right will open. (screenshot)
    4. After you choose it just drag and drop it at your artboard. (screenshot)
    5. Then you can move, resize, rotate (CTRL + Alt (Windows) or COMMAND (Mac) and drag one of the corners of the box up or down to turn it)

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