How to use ZoomIt to differenate while presenting

3 min readJan 16, 2020

ZoomIt Overview

So, ZoomIt is a tool for screen-zooming and annotations used mainly for presentations and instructional videos. It can have multiple applications as its simple nature makes it quite flexible. It runs in the background and it’s activated by fast shortcuts that you can easily customize inside the app’s options menu.

Main Default Shortcuts

You can customize the shortcuts from the tabs you see in the screenshot, but the default ones that work out-of-the-box are convenient enough to get started. Here are the main ones:

1. Basic Zoom — CTRL + 1

2. Draw — CTRL + 2 / Type — Press T

3. Countdown Timer — CTRL + 3

4. Live Zoom — CTRL 4

Let’s show you how things look when you start using ZoomIt.

Basic Zoom

You can customize the magnification of the basic zooming. Based on the size of content you want to zoom into, the screen size, and the size of the room you’re presenting in, you can adjust the magnification so it suits your audience.

Simply use the slider to choose from 1,25 to 4,0.

Also, you can enable or disable the zooming animation.

Draw & Type

The second feature is drawing on the screen to highlight areas, objects, and content.

Once you enter drawing mode, you can change the colors of the lines by entering the following:

“R” for Red

“B” for Blue

“G” for Green

“O” for Orange

“Y” for Yellow

“P” for Pink

Countdown Timer

You can use the countdown timer to build anticipation for exclusive content or to mark the start of your presentation. You can ask the audience a question and give them a limited-time frame to give their answers.

You can use the options to customize the timeframe you want to appear after you hit the shortcut.

For further customization, you can pick the location of the timer on your screen, as well as a custom background for the countdown in the Advanced settings.

Guided Zoom

The Live Zoom is an advanced zooming functionality, where you can not only zoom in on certain areas, but guide users through performing different actions on the screen.

The difference between the basic zoom is that your audience can now see where your mouse is located so they see the exact place where you’re clicking to complete an action.

Simple but handy

Understanding ZoomIt takes less than a couple of minutes of using it. Once you see how to get around, you can start applying it to your presentations to help your viewers get a better view of what you have to say. Happy zooming!


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