How an Interactive Sales Presentation Helps this E-Commerce Brand Grow

4 min readNov 11, 2020


An interactive presentation is a set of slides that the viewer can use to navigate to specific parts of the content that interest them the most. An excellent way to give clients exactly what they need to make a purchasing decision, whether it’s an in-person meeting or a virtual one. Here’s how we made a presentation like that for Detail Online, among a ton of other materials.

The Business Case

Detail Online is an E-Commerce software company from Stockholm, Sweden. To be honest, we were blown away by their initial email. Detail approached our team with a request to design their whole sales collateral. One-pagers, presentations for every step in the sales cycle, and an entire template to generate interest in potential clients.

The Solution

The team at Detail had already made some progress with the story so we came in and finished what they started by improving the structure and flow. The goal of the story was to showcase the progress Detail made with developing their software for E-Commerce businesses to make the most of their products.

Since this is a sales presentation, the goal was to highlight how Detail is helping brands with their online product visibility, based on data showing consumer behavior.

But the really cool part is we made the slides interactive. This means that whenever the team at Detail was at a sales meeting — they could give control to the potential clients to choose what they want to learn more about.

The presentation was split into 4 main sections:

  • The Changing Consumer
  • New Challenges for E-Commerce Brands
  • The Detail Online Solution
  • Summary & ROI

You can simply select the topic you’re interested in and the presentation takes you to the relevant flow of slides. This gives a great advantage both in sales meetings as well as sending the presentation over to clients. Speaking of sending documents to clients…

Once the presentation was done, Detail had us build not two, but three additional documents based on it.

One full-blown document with all the information and its purpose was to be sent over to the clients after the meeting. Next was a shorter version of that document with the crucial points needed for clients to make a decision. And finally, a one-pager which you can also see here on this page.

The Template

Detail wanted to have a pre-study template. The goal of the template was to address key points of the sales process that their team had designed with a lot of specifics in mind.

The main idea of the presentation template was to enable a group of people from Detail’s team to easily create focused slides based on heavy research. And of course, everything had to be perfectly aligned with their style so their team can create on-brand presentations effortlessly.

Since every client has specific needs, we made the template so easy to customize that anyone could build slides that look like they’re made by a professional presentation designer.

The Design

Since Detail Online just had a major rebrand, we wanted to stick to the newly created identity.

What’s interesting here is that most of the design elements and resources we produced ended up playing a key role not just in the presentations. Detail used them to design a ton of other materials, including their new website!

Before & After

Detail had a previous sales presentation they used numerous times to pitch their product in front of potential clients. However, it was built by the founder of the company and even though he did quite a good job, he knew there was another level. He also knew that if they can get to that level, it was going to immediately help them differentiate from their competition even further.

The Results

We ended up speaking in Stockholm and spending some in-person time with the team at Detail. Then their founder brought a whole army of people to our event with the words: “These are the guys that build our sales materials. You have to see them!”

In turn, the materials we built for Detail Online now help them easily impress new clients with the way they solve problems for E-Commerce businesses. But the thing that stands out as one of the biggest benefits is how easy it is for their team of non-designers to quickly adapt and personalize focused presentations for specific clients, which opens a lot of new doors.




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