Format Painter

2 min readFeb 15, 2019

Imagine the last presentation you did — there probably were some objects that you liked (in terms of formatting) and wanted other objects on your slides to look similar. Actually, you wanted them to look the same. Well, it turns out, you can easily achieve consistency across objects of the same type — text boxes, shapes, etc. by using the so-called “Format Painter”. Here’s how to do that:

1. Select any object which formatting you like and want to apply to others of the same type

2. Click on Format Painter. When you click on it, your pointer will change to a paintbrush icon

3. Use the paintbrush to apply this style to another object in your slides. This only works once. Then repeat the same steps.

However, isn’t it a bit annoying if you have to click every time on the object which formatting you want to get and apply again? There is a very quick solution to that problem!

To apply the same formatting on multiple objects in your presentation you simply can double click the Format Painter. Easy, huh? Take a look and then try it for yourself!

Yes, this also works in other Microsoft Office applications!

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