We badly wanted to add Mr. Kendall Haven to our Present to Succeed conference lineup. Then we ended up creating the design for his whole presentation on neuroscience in storytelling.

Kendall Haven is one of the most prolific researchers on the topic of storytelling. His books have revolutionized human understanding of how stories control our brains. As we wanted to bring the absolute best to our conference — Present to Succeed, we reached out to him to deliver both a…

Say hi to Chase Huges — a leading behavior expert and a U.S. navy leader. #1 bestselling author of two books on tactical behavior skills. He is the author of the worldwide #1 bestselling book on advanced persuasion, influence and behavior profiling.

Behavior profiling is the process of assessing how a person or a group of people is reacting by analyzing their body language. With 20 years as a leader in the U.S. …


Boutique presentation agency on a single mission - truly effective presentations. We teach you how to present your business to win your audience.

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