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We badly wanted to add Mr. Kendall Haven to our Present to Succeed conference lineup. Then we ended up creating the design for his whole presentation on neuroscience in storytelling.

Kendall Haven is one of the most prolific researchers on the topic of storytelling. His books have revolutionized human understanding of how stories control our brains. As we wanted to bring the absolute best to our conference — Present to Succeed, we reached out to him to deliver both a masterclass and a session at the event. After multiple calls and discussions, we won him over. And then he said something that surprised us pleasantly, to put it quite mildly:

“I have seen what you are doing for your customers in terms of presentation design. I cannot do that on…

An interactive presentation is a set of slides that the viewer can use to navigate to specific parts of the content that interest them the most. An excellent way to give clients exactly what they need to make a purchasing decision, whether it’s an in-person meeting or a virtual one. Here’s how we made a presentation like that for Detail Online, among a ton of other materials.

The Business Case

Detail Online is an E-Commerce software company from Stockholm, Sweden. To be honest, we were blown away by their initial email. Detail approached our team with a request to design their whole sales…

Getting promoted in an organization like Deloitte is a challenge that not everyone is up for. Here’s how we helped our client overcome that and the presentation design that became the cherry on the top.

The Mission

Back in November 2019, we were contacted by the Country Director of one of Deloitte’s entities in Europe.

He participated in the training we did for Deloitte a few months ago for one of his teams. After that training, he wanted to contact us to help with probably the most important presentation in his life.

It was the beginning of 2020 in Prague, the Czech…

James Whittaker is a distinguished engineer at Microsoft who had a presentation that focused on data, machine learning, AI, IoT, and Virtual Reality. We saw James presenting at TNW 2018 which is one of the biggest tech events in Europe. We were watching his presentation (you can also watch it on YouTube) and we were thinking:

“Wow, this guy is an outstanding speaker. However, if only his slides were better!”

So… we decided to reach out and ask him whether or not he will appreciate some help in that area.

The answer — not only did he agree but he…

The key to an engaging presentation and startup pitch for investors is to hook them right from the start. Venture capitalists are usually experienced enough to sense if your pitch deserves their attention or not right from the very start.

Jamba has the right kind of story to hook you right off the bat. They created a solution that helps people with disabilities find meaningful work and get employed by the right companies with the right kind of conditions to support their growth and development.

The Business Case

Jamba is one of those startups whose idea we immediately decided to support. When they…

Sharpist is a learning & development startup providing an enterprise platform. With their solution, you empower your employees, attract & retain talent, and help your teams learn essential business & productivity skills.

They make this possible through an app that connects you with your coach in real-time for a learning session on a topic of your interest. It’s a practical and agile solution that supports the professional and personal growth of employees to help decrease turnover while boosting morale and dedication.

The Business Case

Shrapist came to us with a recommendation from our work with SAP.iO in Berlin. One of the startup teams…

Konstruktive helps you make the right choices in construction investments. They provide real estate intermediation, investment design, project documentation management, and construction site commissioning.

As you can probably imagine, this involves a lot of complex services and methods that need to be presented to the audience in the simplest way.

The Business Case

Konstruktive came to us with a request to help them build an investor deck. They wanted to secure an investment to support the growth of their large number of services.

They deliver a full-blown solution — from finding a land plot through the building architecture project, and last— selling the…

Abraxa is a software company providing a software-as-a-service solution for port agencies. Their passion for shipping and technology gave birth to a 360-degree business platform for the maritime sector. In a nutshell, they help port agents & teams work smarter and faster through a centralized system that provides a scalable infrastructure for their business.

They organized a huge event in Rotterdam where they invited the thought-leaders in their industry. The founder of the company approached us with the task to build something absolutely unique and mind-blowing!

The goal

The solution Abraxa developed had to be presented to an audience mostly comprised of…

Say hi to Chase Huges — a leading behavior expert and a U.S. navy leader. #1 bestselling author of two books on tactical behavior skills. He is the author of the worldwide #1 bestselling book on advanced persuasion, influence and behavior profiling.

Behavior profiling is the process of assessing how a person or a group of people is reacting by analyzing their body language. With 20 years as a leader in the U.S. navy, Chase has been obsessed with human behavior, body language, psychology, and how to influence people by using non-verbal communication.

In this episode, he shares some of his favorite tactics and the subconscious behavior indicators you should look for when communicating with people.

You would be shocked by how many signs there are for someone to give away how they feel about what you’re talking about without them even…

Good presentations leave a mark and make a difference for the people in front of you. A solid presentation completes a goal, it helps achieve something, it brings you closer to your audience. Most of all, it does it in a way that no website, app, or digital experience can ever hope to match.

To achieve the goals of your presentations, you need to prepare for that success.

Here are the 3 main focus areas for the planning and preparation stage of your next presentation.

1. Brand Awareness


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