5 Presentation Lessons From the Initial Public Offering (IPO) of Gradus

Every presentation that your prepare and deliver is critical! One reason for this is because every time you present, you are standing with your name and reputation behind this presentation. Moreover, you could not be aware of the potential benefits or losses that this presentation could bring to you. In our case, we worked on a presentation project that managed to raise 82 million leva for our client Gradus and their IPO. That is a bit more than 40 million euro. Talking about critical presentations…

Lesson 1: Understand that presentations that are to be delivered in front of a live audience and the ones you sent over e-mail are different.

Lesson 2: Every detail matters!

And by every — we mean it! Your presentation must be perfect to the last pixel. Yes, you may not be a designer, but you do not need to be one to ensure that everything is properly aligned and all elements have space to “breathe”. When on the subject of details you have to constantly ask yourself: “How can I make my message and my slides as simple as possible so that the audience has no other option but to understand me?” Check out the example below. One item is missing on the left picture. Can you find it?

Lesson 3: Do regular checks!

The above example we gave you was all about you caring about details. However, it could’ve been something we’ve simply missed. Now that’s unacceptable! Mistakes of such caliber are literally unthinkable, especially in a situation like this one. Always check your presentations several times. Furthermore, you could also send them to a friend or a colleague to double check. The more critical the presentation is, the more important it is to check everything. Do not compromise with this! One minor error can overturn your entire performance. Not worth it…

Lesson 4: The data source

Lesson 5: Use summary titles for your charts

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